The role of words in content strategy

February 10, 2020 - 1 minute read

Content strategy roles are spiced a little differently depending on who you talk to, from goal-setting to creation to long-term governance. But at the center, there’s always the same staple: words.

Whether a piece of content in question is an article, a single sentence, or an illustration, the words that appear in or around that piece matter deeply. They can delight or derail someone’s interaction with your brand.

Whether we’re talking or reading, we always dissect more than just the words used in the moment; we also consider context (e.g. situational appropriateness), clusters (e.g. body language signals), congruence (e.g. tone).

For an organization, thinking about this bigger picture in communication is what helps you win the heart of your audience. When they feel they know you and what to expect from your opinions/words/actions, then they are far more likely to trust you — and far more likely to turn to you for a solution when they need one.

Which is why so many content strategists are creating style guidelines to keep brand voice consistent, and always “over”thinking the tone and impact of word choice — and, as expected, defining a brand voice is hard work… but implementing it successfully, across tens, hundreds, or thousands of pieces of content, sometimes targeting several different audiences, is even harder.

This is where Raize Content does the heavy lifting.